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How to convert steps to Km

  1. 1.To convert given steps to km follow this simple formula.
  2. 2.Value in Km = Number of steps/ 1312. 33
  3. 3.Let us take a standard example by converting 1000 steps to km
  4. 4.using formula we get 1000 steps /1312.33 ~ 0.8 km
  5. 5.Similarly for 19500 steps
  6. 6.Value in km = 19500 steps/1312.33 ~14.86 km
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Definition of Kilometer

    In metric system kilometer is a unit of length, which is commonly abbreviated as Km. 1 kilometer is approximately equal to 1000 meters, in terms of feet 1 kilometer is equal to 3280.8 feet or in terms of mile 1 km is equal to .621 mile

  • Definition of step

    Distance covered with a stride of length .762 metre or 2.5 feet is mathematically defined as 1 unit of step. Although the stride length may vary from person to person depending upon the height

  • How many steps are there in a Km ?

    A typical adult can cover 1 mile or 1.6 km in 2000 steps at moderate pace. So roughly there are 1200 steps in 1 km

  • Which is a greater unit ; a km or a mile ?

    By formula we know that 1 mile ~1.6 km .Thus 1 mile is a greater than 1 km

  • How long will it take to walk 19500 km?

    It would take around 19500/1.6 *15 mins to 19500/20 mins to cover the distance of 19500 kms

  • Is it good for health to walk 19500 km daily ?

    Yes, walking helps in maintaining right weight and health as well.It prevents us from life threatning diseases like heart attacks, diabetes, obesity,high blood pressures etc.So in order to stay healthy and fit walk 19500 kms or any minimum distance that suits you.

  • How many Steps should I take daily in order to stay healthy?

    According to a research in order to stay healthy everyone should take minimum 5000 steps daily.Though prescribed number of steps are 10,000

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