If you’re anything like us, you rely on your smartphone for pretty about everything. The list goes on and on: capturing memories, getting directions, staying in touch with loved ones. It comes with us everywhere, including our workouts. There are a plethora of applications available to help you exercise more successfully, whether you prefer an at-home workout or frequent the gym.

The following are our top picks for the best running applications for iPhone and Android. What’s the best part? They’re all significantly less expensive than employing a personal trainer. In fact, each of the eight running programmes we’re about to highlight has a free version.

  1. Runkeeper

Runkeeper is one of the earliest running applications on the market, and it’s a simple, easy-to-use programme that keeps track of your pace, distance, calories burnt, time, and more. Look back on previous runs to see how far you’ve come, and use the app’s set route feature to find new routes near you. It’s one of the best running apps for beginners, as it provides basic run data to help you get into your new habit, but it also contains straightforward information that runners of all skill levels will appreciate.

  1. Charity Miles

This simple running programme allows you to help others while also looking after yourself. Choose the charity you want to donate to that day before you begin your run. The Wounded Warrior Project, Stand Up to Cancer, the ASPCA, and other charities are among the options. Brands like Timex and others will give to the cause of your choice for every mile you run, walk, or cycle. They donate more the more you run. Donations of $0.10 per mile cycled and $0.25 per mile jogged or walked are typical. On your next family stroll, get the kids involved and see how much money you can raise for the charity of their choice.

  1. Run with Map my run

This app has all of the essential features of a running app, such as pace, distance, calories burnt, and time, as well as the ability to connect to fitness trackers and heart rate monitors. You may also track the distance tracked on your running shoes and input more substantial data like food consumption. When it’s time for a new pair, the app will notify you. The flexibility to define the sort of run—whether you’re on a treadmill, on the trails, in your neighbourhood, or walking the dog—is a useful feature of this programme for reviewing your performance.

  1. Zombies, run

You’ll find yourself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse with the Zombies, Run! app, and you’ll have to flee the lifeless monsters hunting you. The more miles you log, the more resources you’ll receive to assist your hamlet stay afloat. If you run too slowly, the zombies will catch up to you! This is a wonderful app for individuals who want to spice up their runs with something new.

  1. Adidas Running App by Runtastic

Another popular programme, Adidas Jogging App by Runtastic, is a basic running app that connects to Google Earth for easy route-mapping, which is particularly useful if you’re visiting a new place. This app’s stats are fantastic, with graphs and charts that show your progress and easy social sharing. It has built-in workout plans and even connects to Spotify and Pandora for convenient audio streaming. This software is ideal for tourists who are frequently running in new cities and who want more detailed reporting on their run data.

  1. Pacer Pedometer

If your phone isn’t in your hand, certain pedometer applications won’t track your steps. With Pacer, however, this is not the case. It will track your steps as long as your phone is with you on your walk, run, workout, or even if you’re just running errands (hand, pocket, or even handbag). If you want a supervised workout, check out Pacer’s free Intro to Interval Walking, Full Body Strength, and Daily Stretch. You may join Pacer Premium to gain access to all of their guided workouts, including weight training, walking, and stretching. Other fitness tracking applications, such as Fitbit and MyFitnessPal, are also compatible with Pacer.

  1. Pumatrac

Pumatrac has a clean layout with all the elements of a standard running app, plus a few more to give you a complete picture of your workouts. The software gathers extra data that may affect your run, such as weather, time of day, or month, and synthesises it to produce personal insights. You might find that you run best before 10 a.m. on Fridays, or that you go faster while listening to rock music.

  1. Couch to 5k

This software gets you off the couch and running a 5K in just 9 weeks, making it ideal for novice runners wishing to get in shape and build up their running routine. It comes with built-in training plans that include 20–30 minute routes three times a week until your race. The built-in pacing system advises you when to stroll and when to run, and guides you through your course while progressively increasing your stamina and strength. To stay motivated, choose from one of four virtual coaches.